Special Assessment Refund Options

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Sheila Fest Golf Tournament

Sheila Fest Charity Dinner
Sheila Fest Music Festival
Kids Halloween Party
Swimming Pool Reservation System Procedures

To make Swimming Pool Reservations please use the following link: . Once there you will select the date that you would like to reserve and then the time frame. You will be prompted to create a profile. At the bottom it will say only myself, hover over that area and select "me and others", if applicable, then select next. From there, you will add the names of your family members. Once they are added you will need to select the checkbox by their names when reserving a spot so that we have an accurate count. On the next page it will show your booking information and state the number of attendees. Once you verify that is correct you will need to accept the terms and conditions (please note that we removed the section that applied to travel). You will receive an email with your confirmation, and you will need to show that email to the gate attendant when coming to the pool. You only need to reserve a spot prior to visiting the pool so if you want to go and you check the system and there is availability you will simply book it and head up to the pool. If you need to cancel a reservation you can do so by viewing your profile. It does appear that there are ample slots available (120 per time frame) so that all should be able to enjoy the swimming pool. We will monitor the situation and accept constructive feedback to make adjustments as needed. For the swimming pool, you will agree to the terms and conditions when making your reservation. Here is a copy of those so that you can review now if you wish: Swimming Pool Waiver and Terms.pdf. If you know that you will not be able to attend the Swimming Pool Reservations at the time that you made your reservation, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible so that time can be available to other residents in the community. 

Special Assessment Questions and Answers

Dear Property Owners,

We want to thank all of you again for submitting your questions regarding the golf course acquisition and special assessment. After compiling and reviewing the questions we have prepared the attached questions and answer sheet for you to review: Special Assessment Responses_March 24 2020.pdf. If you still have questions after reading the document please do not hesitate to ask them. Additionally, we would like to apologize again for not being able to execute the communication of this matter perfectly and we do appreciate your understanding and support during this unprecedented situation that we are navigating through. As new developments occur and details of the club acquisition are made available we will be sure to communicate them with you.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Giacin, CAM
On Behalf of the Board of Directors

Master Plan Conceptual Design

If you would like to view a copy of the Final Conceptual Plan for future Community Improvements please follow the link below:

Due to the size of the file it was necessary for us to provide you a Dropbox link rather than uploading the file. We apologize for any inconvenience. You are welcome to request a copy of the plan from the office if you are unable to access the file through the Dropbox. Please email:
Access Searchable Covenants
To access the searchable version of the Declaration of Covenants please click here:

Searchable Declaration of Covenants for TOB.pdf

Tip: if the search tools do not show up when you open the document you can right click anywhere in the file and select find.