Neighborhood Watch

- Be responsible for establishing and maintaining a volunteer group for neighborhood watch. 
- Report to Management Company all security issues. 
- Report all security threats immediately to the police; members of the Committee shall not take action on threats. 
- Monitor homes of residents on vacation who have put in a request for this service.
- Monitors Committee email account. 


The Neighborhood Watch Committee is currently looking for volunteers who are willing to patrol segments of the neighborhood (approximately 15 minutes), twice per evening, and 2 times per month.



Haley Myers, Chair 
Tom Badura
Jay Cleveland 
Wayne Davis
Cheryl & Jim Domineau
Ralph NeSmith
Richard and Tina Carlson
Maurizo Cerri
Robert Evans
Michael Goodman 
Larry Miller
Rich Doeding 
Sherry & Scott Davis



Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Information

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