Neighborhood Watch Committee 

If you have any questions for our committee or would like to join our committee, please email the Neighborhood Watch Committee at

NWC Mission Statement:

The goals of our Neighborhood Watch (NW) program are to report suspicious activity, reduce crime and increase neighborhood safety.

NWC is responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining a volunteer group for neighborhood watch.
  •  Report to Community Manager all security concerns and issues.
  •  Report all security threats immediately to police, committee members will not act on threats.
  •  Assist Sheriff Department in monitoring homes of residents on vacation who has put in a request for service.

Join the Neighborhood Watch Team!
Become an Active or Passive Member to stay informed.

Active Member/Participant

  • Patrol (morning, evening, and nights) the community for suspicious activities.
  • Monitor/observe the community for safety/security concerns (e.g., debris left over from construction site).
  • Report Street light outage
  • Attend NWC monthly meeting and social gathering (e.g., National Night Out, Crime Prevention Month) held by NW.
  • Vacation Monitoring (Keeping an eye on neighbors’ residence).
  • Solicit new members.
  • Pass suspicious activity reports to community neighbors.

Passive Member/Participant

  • Observe from residence window (suspicious activity).
  • During leisure walk observe community for safety/security concerns and report to NWCC/CM.
  • Attend NWC monthly meeting and social gathering (e.g., National Night Out, Crime Prevention Month) held by NWC.
  • Receive reports from NW and pass on to community neighbors.

Gary Giffis (Block Captain)
Gary Nelson (Block Captain)
Bob Marks (Block Captain)
Denise Landis (Block Captain)
David Hazlewood (Block Captain)
Kay Forrest (Block Captain)
Jim Barry (Block Captain)
Jay Cleveland (Patrols)
Phil Thornton (Patrols)
Kevin Williams (Patrols)





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