Neighborhood Watch

- Be responsible for establishing and maintaining a volunteer group for neighborhood watch. 
- Report to Management Company all security issues. 
- Report all security threats immediately to the police; members of the Committee shall not take action on threats. 
- Monitor homes of residents on vacation who have put in a request for this service.
- Monitors Committee email account. 


The Neighborhood Watch Committee is currently looking for volunteers who are willing to patrol segments of the neighborhood (approximately 15 minutes), twice per evening, and 2 times per month.



Haley Myers, Chair 
Jerry Hohman
Tom Badura
Jay Cleveland 
Wayne Davis
Cheryl Domineau
Jim Domineau
Craig Lagos
Ralph NeSmith
Richard and Tina Carlson
Maurizo Cerri
Robert Evans
Michael Goodman 
Jesse Smith
Kevin Trimble
Larry Miller
Rich Doeding 



Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Information

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